Živković Samardžić secures Court of Appeal victory for Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) and it’s editor in chief

by ZS Law

Kruna Savović, Živković Samardžić Technology, Media and Telecommunications Partner and a Head of Media Litigation, led the Živković Samardžić team that has achieved a victory for Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) and its editor in chief. Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) is a non-profit organization established to improve the investigative journalism in Serbia. Živković Samardžić, one of the Serbia’s market leaders in media law and defamation, successfully represented KRIK and its editor in chief Stevan Dojčinović  and secured a victory at the Court of Appeal in Belgrade against  “Informer”.

The Court of Appeal in Belgrade confirmed the verdict by which “Informer” and its editor, Dragan Vučićević, were ordered to pay the damages in the amount of RSD 150,000 to the editor of KRIK, Stevan Dojčinović, for violating the assumption of innocence and because its texts may cause the reader to judge and feel hatred towards Dojčinović. In April 2016, the editor of KRIK, Stevan Dojčinović, sued the tabloid “Informer” and its editor, Dragan Vučićević, after publishing a series of lies regarding Dojčinović and his private life. Dojčinović requested damages for the damage to his honor and reputation, as well as for disclosing details from his private life.

Team of Živković Samardžić lawyers representing KRIK was led by Kruna Savović, Živković Samardžić Technology, Media and Telecommunications  Partner and a Head of Media Litigation. She specialises in Media Law and Intellectual Property and is a trusted advisor to a number of national broadcast, print and on-line media and their associations and an experienced media and intellectual property litigator. Kruna is a leading national freedom of expression expert and lectures and writes extensively on issues related to the harmonisation of Serbian legal framework governing the media sector with the European media freedom standards, the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.

You can find the report on the case in the Serbian here.

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