Jovana Jovanović spoke for PRVA TV concerning Mobbing at work

by ZS Law

Jovana Jovanović, Živković Samardžić Employment department associate spoke for the PRVA television, a Serbian commercial television network with national coverage. In the program 150 minutes on PRVA TV, Jovana talked about how and to whom we can report mobbing, what is the task of inspection authorities in that case and what a court procedure for peaceful resolution of labor disputes looks like. Jovana also explained why mobbing at work is difficult to prove and what is the statute of limitations for reporting mobbing.

The program is available on the production’s web site at  from the 21:30 minutes (first part).

Jovana’s earlier appearance on the topic of mobbing and how much it is really represented in practice and who can do mobbing is available on the production’s web site a  from the 12:50 minutes (first part).

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