Kruna Savović leaving Živković Samardžić to start her own practice

by ZS Law

Kruna Savović, Živković Samardžić Partner and Head of the Media and IP Litigation Team is leaving the firm as of March 2024. In the future, she will focus on establishing a practice of her own but will continue to cooperate with Živković Samardžić on a select number of cases.

Živković Samardžić highly ranked Media and IP Litigation team, consisting of Partner Slobodan Kremenjak and Associates Nataša Sarić and Ana Stanišić, supported by Senior Partner Nebojša Samardžić, shall continue to operate as a team, with no disruption to client service.

Kruna joined Živković Samardžić in 2008. She was promoted to Senior Associate in 2016 and to Partner in 2019 and has successfully led our Media and IP Litigation Team for the past five years.

„Kruna Savović and Živković Samardžić are tightly bound by 16 years of friendship, trust and successful collaboration. We are grateful for her valuable contribution to the firm’s success and growth during that period and are truly happy that we will continue to cooperate with her on several assignments in the future,” said Branislav Živković, Živković Samardžić Managing Partner.

Kruna herself added: „After sweet sixteen, it’s time for a new song. Thank you, my dear friends and colleagues. We were a fine-tuned band, with a lot of amazing gigs!“

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