National Philanthropy Conference: The Future of Giving

by ZS Law

Photo credit: Trag fondacija/Dunja Dopsaj

With the idea of participating in the joint initiation of the dialogue on improving the legal and fiscal framework of giving for the common good, philanthropic trends identified in the conducted research projects, as well as on the subject of current philanthropic practices, our colleague Kruna Savović, Head of the Sector for court representation in media-related disputes of the Law Office Živković Samardžić, participated today at the National Philanthropy Conference: The Future of Giving, within the panel Investments as a legitimate philanthropic practice.

From the very beginning of her professional career, Kruna Savović has actively contributed to the initiatives advocating the struggle for a better society through participation in various humanitarian, cultural, philanthropic and socially-responsible campaigns and projects.

By participating at the National Philanthropy Conference, Kruna highlighted the importance of legal frameworks, which should be in place to protect the foundations at all times from any interpretations and questions challenging the final purpose of that money as well as the persons and methods for dealing with it.Regarding the monitoring and transparency of operation, Kruna has pointed out that it is not merely the act of good will by the foundations, but that the monitoring is conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Information and that there is a clear system of legal operation in place in our country.The regulations are very clear, but the system should be improved in certain tax-related aspects.

The National Philanthropy Conference: The Future of Giving was organized by the Trag Foundation and the Coalition for Giving (Koalicija za dobročinstvo), with the support from the American Agency for International Development (USAID), and it also featured the results of the public opinion survey on philanthropy. The conference concluded that the future of giving rests on the citizens and foundations.

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