External DPO service

by ZS Law


The new Serbian Personal Data Protection Law is in force since August 2019, and it brings a lot of novelties in an existing business environment. The purpose of the new Law is to make the Republic of Serbia compliant with European regulation (GDPR) in the area of Personal Data protection. One of the most impactful legal obligations of subjects under Serbian jurisdiction is to have a dedicated and registered Data Protection Officer (DPO) – an expert in the field of personal data protection and privacy, that serves as a legally required consultant for the highest management regarding all personal data protection related questions in everyday business, and also as a designated focal point for the communication with the authorities.

Živković Samardžić can provide a designated external DPO service, as well as an expert level of data protection consultancies, which could assure you are fully compliant with the new Personal Data Protection regulation in Serbia.

If you are interested in external Data Protection Officer services, or any other service regarding the protection of personal data and legal compliance in this area, please contact partner Ivan Ljubisavljević  for an informal meeting.

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Andy Townend captures the life and soul of Belgrade

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