Živković Samardžić contributed to the Serbian Foreign Investors Council’s White Book 2023

by ZS Law

White Book 2023 of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) goes public on November 23, 2023, and Živković Samardžić is proud to be one of its contributors. 

The White Book is a collaborative effort of FIC members and reflects FIC’s commitment to providing valuable recommendations for over two decades, aimed at supporting economic growth and improving living standards in Serbia. The 2023 edition consists of 58 articles with 397 recommendations prepared by 59 authors and includes an analysis of the main recommendations in the areas that FIC members see as priorities: taxes, labor regulations, digitalization and e-commerce, real estate, illicit trade prevention, inspection oversight, environmental protection, foreign exchange regulations, pharmaceuticals and tourism and hospitality.

Reflecting the FIC’s efforts for improving economic environment, Živković Samardžić, as a proud member of FIC, is giving its continuous support and valuable contribution to the White Book each year. This year, our partner and Head of Employment, Ana Popović, jointly with Associates Danka Draško and Marko Leković gave their valuable contribution on the employment of foreigners and secondment of employees. Also, our Senior Associate Srđan Zerdo and Associate Miroslav Živanović made contributions to Construction Land and Development, Mortgages, Real Estate Financial Leasing, and Restitution sections. 

Feel free to explore and download the White Book 2023 on the Foreign Investors Council’s website, and dive into the insights provided by Živković Samardžić and other valued contributors.

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