Lawyers Danka Draško and Miroslav Živanović as a part of the AEL SIG Day 2023 in Munich

by ZS Law

Association of European Lawyers (AEL), a network of 40 law firms, all well known in their respective countries, has organized SIG Day 2023, on 16th June in Munich.

SIG Day included conference “The Psychology of Giving Evidence” with the UK barrister Paul Epstein KC and Assurety, Individual SIG sessions and a Walking tour followed by a dinner at Spaten an der Oper.

After a session with all SIGs present on the conference “The Psychology of Giving Evidence”, Paul Epstein KC and his colleague have kindly agreed to do a ‘cross examination masterclass’ where they shared videos of people being cross examined. The conference was followed by a discussion between all delegates, including our lawyers Danka Draško, and Miroslav Živanović.

Danka represented Živković Samardžić at Employment SIG, while Miroslav Živanović represented Živković Samardžić at Private Client SIG. They had the opportunity to share interesting experiences from the practice. 

This was a great event for networking, developing new relationships and strengthening existing relationships across the SIGs and AEL member firms.

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