Veljko Milošević at the OSCE Economic and Enviromental Forum preparatory meeting

by Marija

Our colleague Veljko Milošević, has participated as a panelist at the Second preparatory meeting for the 31st OSCE EEF (Economic and Environmental Forum), representing the Environmental Law Clinic, with the support of the OSCE Mission in Serbia.

Contribution to sustainable development with an emphasis on climate change, especially considering the connection between climate change and security risks to human health, potential conflicts over resources, increased migration, and displacement of population, were amongst the main topics discussed a the preparatory meeting, held on Malta, last week.

During his presentation, Veljko highlighted new challenges in the field of Environmental Law and Climate Change Law that we face, which are related to greenwashing and consumer rights. He presented the work of the Environmental Law Clinic, led by Professor Mirjana Drenovak Ivanović, and the way the Environmental Law Clinic contributes to cooperation and progress in this field.

“It is truly encouraging that all OSCE member states recognized the impact of climate change on security and stability. Variable climatic conditions directly affect the health of the population, the quality of water and food, as well as other social and economic issues. Given that businesses, consumers, and civil society increasingly grasp the importance of environmental issues, it is our responsibility, as legal practitioners, to ensure that they receive the protection and support necessary to exercise their rights in this domain. I had a pleasure to share insights and experiences with other participants, which enriched my knowledge and will help me to keep advising clients on compliance with environmental regulation, especially when it comes to waste management, non-financial reporting, quality control and advertising.”

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