Igor Živkovski and Sava Pavlović to Give Lectures at eCommerce Academy by eCommerce Association of Serbia

by ZS Law

Igor Živkovski, Živković Samardžić Corporate and M&A Partner and Sava Pavlović, Corporate and M&A Senior Associate will give lectures on the topic of legal aspects of e-commerce in Serbia at eCommerce Academy organized by eCommerce Association of Serbia.

eCommerce Association of Serbia gathers all the relevant factors of the digital ecosystem for the sake of common improvement of e-commerce market of Serbia. It advocates the promotion of safe e-commerce as well as the regulation and encouragement of all of those who are part of this process through educating consumers and traders. The goal of eCommerce Association of Serbia is to map the market and to raise the standards of e-commerce industry in Serbia, for the purpose of assimilation into global e-commerce flows.

eCommerce Association of Serbia established eCommerce Academy, which gathers 16 experts from the digital ecosystem. The experts will through their online lectures and interactive workshops teach the participants about the 15 key areas of e-commerce.

eCommerce Academy is equally intended to those who already find themselves in this area, but also to all of those who wish to learn more about the digital ecosystem and how business works in a virtual world.

In addition to the topics about relevant legal framework and judicial and extrajudicial procedures in which trader may be found as a party, the participants will be able to gain knowledge of their rights and obligations under the consumer rights regulations, as well as on the specifics of their position in online sale of goods. Having in mind that e-commerce platforms and web shops are highly represented, these topics are of great importance for those who have or want to launch their e-commerce business.

If you are interested in finding out more or have any questions on the topic, please contact Igor Živkovski at igor.zivkovski@zslaw.rs or Sava Pavlović at sava.pavlovic@zslaw.rs.

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