Workshop with Belgian Serbian Business Association – Ana Popović and Miloš Stojković presented the new data protection law

by ZS Law

Waiting for the new Data Protection Law: What employers should expect after August 21? asked Ana Popović, Partner and Head of Employment and Miloš Stojković, Senior Associate and Head of Digital at Živković Samardžić law office, opening the workshop organized this week at the residence of the Belgian Ambassador together with the Belgian Serbian Business Association.

Focus of the workshop was set on the new Data Protection Law , which gathered members of the Belgian Serbian Business Association to exchange the best practices from the areas of GDPR, Data Privacy, Relation between the Personal Data Protection Law and the Labour Law and the laws governing the employment recorddata processing recordsexamples of personal data processing situations: video surveillance, law enforcement, personal data processing and other types of processing, international personal data transfer (Binding Corporate Rules, Standard Contractual Clauses, the adequacy of the protection)and the most important – role of data and technology for employers in the digital age.

“We shouldn’t look at the new data protection regulation only as the mandatory request for compliance under the threat of penalty, we should also look at all this as the new opportunity for improvement of the relations with consumers. Let’s do this job together and let us have complaint company and happy users”, said Miloš Stojković, Senior Associate and Head of Digital presenting New Data Protection Law for Serbian market.

Ana Popovic, Partner and Head of Employment talked about importance of the environment in which employers communicate with employees and GDPR requirements: “It is hard work. You need a good plan, you need a strategy on how to approach personal data processing. You need a good measurement framework to understand how the GDPR performs and you need definitely a lot of time since new Data Protection Law is not just a project, it’s more like a process”.

During the workshop his Excellency Ambassador, Koenraad Adam joined the BSBA members and extended a warm welcome:  “I was honoured to take participation at a workshop bringing together legal experts from Živković Samardžić and BSBA members. It was a great pleasure to support this event and sharing opinions on such an interesting topic”.

For more information on the topic, please contact Ana Popović, Partner and Head of Employment and Miloš Stojković, Senior Associate and Head of Digital at Živković Samardžić law office.

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