Agency Employment – The Key Changes Introduced by the New Legislation

by ZS Law

Forum Media, a Serbian subsidiary of the Forum Media Group, an international media company, hosted a seminar at the Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade, on January 30th, 2020. Ana Popović, Živković Samardžić Partner and Head of Employment was there to present the key changes introduced by the new Law on Agency Employment, obligations of the agencies and employers and the modes of cooperation between them.  Many interesting questions have been raised, such as the transformation of fixed-term into the indefinite duration employment, labor disputes against agencies and against the employers, issues related to the occupational safety and health of the employees, as well as the definition of the comparative employee with the employer for the purpose of the agency employment.

Should you have any questions regarding the agency employment, please contact Ana Popović, Partner and Head of Employment, or any of your regular contacts at Živković Samardžić.

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