Živković Samardžić joins the Association of European Lawyers

by ZS Law

We are proud to announce that Živković Samardžić has joined the Association of European Lawyers (‘AEL’) as its first law firm based in Serbia and in former Yugoslavian countries.  With 40 member firms, all well known in their respective countries, AEL can offer legal services in every European commercial and industrial centre. 

The Association of European Lawyers is a network of independent law firms cooperating to provide expert advice to clients from all economic sectors and industries. The member firms who are part of AEL have offices based in 41 different jurisdictions across Europe. One or two member firms from each European country are selected for membership and the members collectively have affiliates throughout the rest of the world. Some of the AEL member firms also have offices outside Europe in the following jurisdictions: Angola, Bahrain, Bermuda, Brazil, BVI, Cayman Islands, China, Hong Kong, Madeira, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Shanghai, Timor-Leste, Tokyo, and New York, USA.

All AEL members have extensive knowledge of their local jurisdictions, keeping constantly up to date through frequent networking, collaboration and information exchanges with other member legal practices.

Branislav Živković, Managing Partner of Živković Samardžić, commented: “With the expansion of our business, strategically we are entering this network, as the first and only office from Serbia and from the territory of the former Yugoslavian countries. I am very pleased to be a part of network with nearly 40 independent law firms who work together on cross-border transactions and other multi-jurisdictional casework. The Association of European Lawyers is great platform to discuss current legal issues with lawyers from around Europe and we find AEL to be an incredible resource for our clients, in terms of co-operation, know-how and exposure.

“By joining AEL network, Živković Samardžić is strengthening the role in our market and proves that our law office can offer the right mix of services and expert discussions to our clients, keeping them one step ahead of current changes. I am looking forward to working together with the network members, who are all experts in their respective fields”, stated Ksenija Golubović Filipović, Živković Samardžić Partner, specialized in Corporate and M&A, Real Estate and Construction, Regulatory and Commercial law.

The Association of European Lawyers (‘AEL’) was founded in 1988 with the object of providing readily available expert legal services across Europe. AEL was originally established by the combining of resources of five leading law firms in the UK, following which a non-exclusive network of correspondent firms throughout Europe was developed, offering a broad range of legal services for business, with high standards of care and efficiency.

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