Litigation Workshop with Dispute Resolution Partners and a team of trainee attorneys

by ZS Law

At Živković Samardžić, one of the Serbia’s leading full-service independent law firms, we constantly invest in our people and foster an environment where individuals flourish. Each year, we take on a number of trainee attorneys at law and offer them challenging and rewarding work, as well as comprehensive training and an opportunity to work with and learn from the best in business.

Our litigation department continues to organize internal seminars on civil procedural law in order to interpret legal provisions and exchange experiences in practice. The second seminar on “Retention of the Defendant in Litigation”” was held last week and was coordinated by senior partners Milos V. Milosevic, Ivan Ljubisavljević and trainee attorneys Darko Golubović and Stefan Kuč.

The most important issues related to the retention of the defendant in civil proceedings and his procedural role were covered, including passive retention, acknowledgment of the claim, as well as the four basic methods of defense and rights against the claim, which was the most interesting for the trainees.

The entire presentation was covered by the clear examples that lawyers Milos V. Milosevic and Ivan Ljubisavljević gave us from their many years of practice as a judge and as lawyers and indicated the most common mistakes made in practice.

Presentations were followed with a Q&A session, aiming to help our colleagues improve their understanding of the civil procedure, refine their litigation skills and prepare for bar exams. Although the practice of law is an independent profession, this is an example of great teamwork.

If that sounds like the environment in which you might thrive, and you believe you’re good enough to join our team, contact us at

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