The Real Measure of Media

by ZS Law

Serbian Media Association, a media development organization whose members include major publishers of national, regional and local newspapers and magazines, news agencies and the best rated news portals covering more than 80% of Serbian print and on-line market, has published an investigative study on media metrics in Serbia: “The Real Measure of Media”.

The study, tracking quality, availability and diversity of sources of data on media in Serbia, prepared with the financial assistance of the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information, was co-authored by Miloš Stojković, Živković Samardžić Technology, Media and Telecommunications Senior Associate.

Other co-authors include Branka Maletić, Media S Starcom MediaVest Group Belgrade Director, Vanda Kučera, I&F McCann Group Vice President, Galjina Ognjanov PhD, Marketing Communications and Public Relations professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, Dalila Ljubičić, Serbian Media Association Executive Director, Marija Matić, Direct Media Media planning Director and Predrag Pejčić, Ringier Axel Springer Serbia Digital Business Analyst.

The study will be presented at an event scheduled for April 26th, 2018 at the UNDP Mission in Serbia. Find out how to send comments and contribute the debate on media metrics in Serbia at the web site of the Serbian Media Association here, and read the entire study here.

Živković Samardžić is one of the Serbia’s leading full-service independent law firms and has been on the forefront of the legal developments in Media and Communications sector in Serbia for decades.

Miloš Stojković graduated at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in 2007 and is with Živković Samardžić since 2012, following  a four-year stint with the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, where he was a Legal Advisor and a Head of Regulatory Department in the Sector for Electronic Communications. He currently serves as a Board Member of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, one of the most important and most influential non-governmental organizations in Serbia and a Head of the AmCham Digital Economy Platform’s Regulatory Stream, AmCham Serbia’s body focused on initiating and supporting regulatory changes enabling smooth transition of Serbian economy towards digital technologies. Miloš was recently awarded OSCE Mission to Serbia 2017 Person of the Year Award for his dedication to media freedom and development of media legislation.

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