Workshop about data privacy on the topic “New legal framework for personal data protection, GDPR and Serbia” with Miloš Stojković and Živković Samardžić lawyers

by ZS Law

About data protection in the digital era and GDPR on what are the consequences for Serbia and on many other questions answered Miloš Stojković, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Senior Associate and Head of Digital at Živković Samardžić yesterday, at workshop which took place in Živković Samardžić premises.

Since technology is always far ahead of the law, we in Živković Samardžić believe that it makes challenging for us lawyers to operate, and that’s why we organized this workshop where we moved from the legal framework of the GDPR to the technicalities of data protection. This first lecture in 2019 presented by Miloš Stojković was organized with aim to make focus on the responsibility regarding how to regulate big data and GDPR since there are a lot of issues (legal harms) that comes with it, in the following areas: privacy/data-protection, reputation, autonomy, discrimination in decision making, manipulation, de-individualization, stereotyping, stigmatization, self-censorship. 

Since the EU brought into force the GDPR, on May 25, 2018, it is essential to constantly have an update about the GDPR and to learn how to design to protect personal data stored electronically, as well how to provide legal rights to individuals who have their data “processed”. During his lecture, Miloš also spoke about the domestic laws such as general data protection regulations and their impact on business needs.

“The session that progressed to an interesting Q&A session whereby interesting insights about privacy law were discussed I feel the need to thank to everyone who attended. I hoped they enjoyed learning about GDPR, ePR, the Data Protection Act, and ultimately how these laws affect businesses and law firms as well”, said Miloš Stojković, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Senior Associate and Head of Digital at Živković Samardžić.

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