Živković Samardžić will assist the Government of the Republic of Serbia in strengthening its media sector

by ZS Law

А consortium led by EPTISA (Spain), that include Media Diversity Institute (UK) and Živković Samardžić, was recently awarded the EU-funded project “Strengthening Media Freedom”. In the next two years, the consortium will support the efforts of the Serbian Government in the harmonisation of the legal framework governing the media sector and in the enhancement of the competences of journalists and media professionals.

Our team of experts will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Culture and Information, to the relevant regulatory bodies, to journalists’ associations and media professionals, and to judges and prosecutors in further developing media-related legislation and in the implementation of the Media Strategy and Action Plan. In addition, the Consortium will support the implementation of a Media Fund Grant Scheme aimed at favouring the independence of media professionals and their associations, and at promoting media production and investigative reporting in the area of good governance, human rights and minority protection, freedom of expression and regional reconciliation.

Živkovic Samardžić has been on the forefront of the legal developments in Media and Communications sector in Serbia for decades. Our lawyers used to advise and represent independent media long before the beginning of the democratic changes in the country, and had major independent media and their associations as its clients. Award of “Strengthening media freedom” project confirms that our strong expertise in the field was recognised not only by our consortium partners, but by European Commission as well.

EPTISA is one of the soundest and most relevant consultancy groups from Spain that serves society by performing consultancy and project management services. EPTISA has a wide experience in implementation of grant schemes, institutional strengthening and capacity building for governmental institutions dealing with protection of human rights at central, regional and local levels.

The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is an international not-for-profit organisation entirely devoted to the improvement of media coverage of diversity issues which can cause disputes/conflicts at the local, national, regional or international level.

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