Obligation to Comply with the New Law on Public Procurement

by ZS Law

In accordance with the implementation of the new Law on Public Procurement and Rulebook on the contents of the Register of Bidders and on the supporting application documents required for registering a bidder, legal entities and entrepreneurs registered in the Register of Bidders are obliged to submit a request for issuing a certificate of non-existence of grounds for exclusion from the public procurement procedure by July 1, 2020.

Documentation required to be submitted with a request for issuing a certificate has also been prescribed, which documentation cannot be older than two months from the date of submission of the documentation to the Register of Bidders.

Legal entities and entrepreneurs which do not submit the necessary documentation by July 1, 2020 will be automatically deleted from the Register of Bidders.

By registering in the Register of Bidders, domestic legal entities and entrepreneurs prove that there are no grounds for their exclusion from the public procurement procedure due to the reasons prescribed in the Article 111 of the Law on Public Procurement.

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