Igor Živkovski Interviewed by eCommerce Association of Serbia about Legal Aspects of E-commerce

by ZS Law
Igor Živkovski, Živković Samardžić Corporate and M&A Partner, was interviewed by eCommerce Association of Serbia about legal aspects of e-commerce in Serbia. In the interview, Igor states that as the trend of e-commerce business is growing all over the world, and the market is becoming borderless thanks to e-commerce sales, more and more new businesses are opting for this way of doing business. It is necessary to pay attention to the relevant regulations in order to ensure safe transactions, and also the safety of all market participants. In order to avoid grey areas in e-commerce and to enable legal way of doing business, it is required to constantly monitor the development of this business, to educate both traders and consumers, to map the market and to conduct business by certain standards. New businesses should harmonize their business with the digital ecosystem and with the laws in area of e-commerce such as Law on Electronic Commerce, Law on Advertising and Law on Personal Data Protection. During the pandemic, when traditional, physical way of doing business was conducted in a reduced scope, we had the opportunity to see how big the importance of e-commerce is. The Government can facilitate the launch of e-commerce with amendments to the relevant regulations which would precisely define the conditions to launch e-commerce and rights and obligations of traders and consumers. Clearly defined legal framework would not only facilitate the launch of e-commerce and e-commerce business but would also help with the suppression of the grey economy, which undoubtedly exists in this area. Full text of the interview is available here.

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