Giving Back to the Community

by ZS Law

Živković Samardžić celebrates our 20th anniversary in 2018. After so many years in business, we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the community we live and work in, to take an active role in society and make a difference. With the skills we have as lawyers, we are uniquely placed to respond to a range of needs. And we do.

Živković Samardžić is committed to supporting institutions that contribute to building the rule of law, promote responsible business practices, and promote and preserve culture and arts.

Senior Associate Miloš Stojković is a member of the board of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights. The principal goals of the Centre are advancement of knowledge in the field of human rights and humanitarian law, development of democracy, strengthening of the rule of law and the civil society in Serbia. Some of the projects the Centre is currently involved are dealing with:

  • the improvement of the criminal justice in Serbia through wider use of alternative sanctions and alternatives to pre-trial detention as a way to tackle the problem of impunity for torture and inhuman and degrading treatments or punishments;
  • raising awareness about the span of hate speech on online news portals and social networks as a form of discrimination and development of new and improvement of existing protection mechanisms;
  • fighting gender inequality and discrimination of women;
  • protection of human rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Senior Associate Kruna Savović is a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia. The Council is an advisory body, attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and aiming to promote responsible business and create a forum for an open public debate on the issues relevant to the promotion of responsible business and corporate philanthropy. The Council actively advocates changes in a legal framework that would create an enabling environment for the corporate philanthropy.

Partner Ksenija Golubović Filipović is a member of the board of the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade. The Museum’s collections reflect the development of objects of applied art in a 2,400 years’ span. Its traditional events include annual Salon of Architecture, to be held for the fortieth time in 2018. At the same time, the Museum is publishing the Journal, a unique scholarly periodical in Serbia dedicated to the study of applied art objects, design and architecture.

Partner Nebojša Samardžić is a member of the board of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. The museum has been dedicated to professional collecting and the study of museum objects, traditional material culture, social relations and family life, customs, beliefs and folklore. It has also been involved in the study of the features of Serbian culture, as well as those of other ethnic groups living within the region. Besides the permanent exhibition on the Folk Culture of the Serbs in the 19th and 20th Centuries, the museum organizes visiting and temporary exhibitions, with the current one dealing with the cultural parallels between the embroidery from the Sárköz region in Hungary and those from Kosovo.

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