The Online Media Association presented its Code prepared by Živković Samardžić Associate

by ZS Law

The Online Media Association (AOM), a nonprofit membership organization for online media, with a mission to promote ethical standards contained in the Journalists’ Code of Ethics and the Press Council’s Guidelines on the application of the Code of Ethics in a digital environment and to contribute to the further development of self-regulation in media, has published the Online Media Association Code.

The Code, prepared by Miloš Stojković, Živković Samardžić Technology, Media and Telecommunications Associate, contains rules and recommendations for AOM’s members and covers fact-checking, due impartiality, user-generated content moderation, right of reply, privacy, copyright, retention policies and information security.

Živković Samardžić is one of the Serbia’s leading full-service independent law firms and has been on the forefront of the legal developments in Media and Communications sector in Serbia for decades. Miloš Stojković joined Živković Samardžić in 2012, after a four-year stint with the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, where he was a Legal Advisor and a Head of Regulatory Department in the Sector for Electronic Communications. Before the Ministry, he was a project coordinator and researcher with the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights.

The Online Media Association Code is available for download at the AOM’s web site, at:

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact any of your regular contacts at Živković Samardžić or Miloš Stojković at


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