Miloš Živković and Slobodan Kremenjak contributed to the Kluwer’s International Encyclopaedia for Media Law

by ZS Law

Miloš Živković, Živković Samardžić of counsel and Slobodan Kremenjak, Živković Samardžić Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Partner, have authored the Serbia’s Media Law National Monograph for the International Encyclopaedia for Media Law part of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws series, published by Kluwer Law International.

Composed of 25 distinct reference works, and regrouping more than 1200 prominent authors of various legal expertises, the International Encyclopaedia of Laws provides practical information and valuable insight into both national and international legal frameworks. The International Encyclopaedia for Media Law survey each country’s media landscape and analyse the laws governing press freedom, including those concerning access to information, defamation and privacy.

Miloš Živković is an Associate Professor of Civil Law at the Belgrade University Faculty of Law. Apart from being a co-author of the first textbook on Media Law in Serbia in 1998, Miloš took active part in providing legal assistance to independent media working to overthrow the political regime of Slobodan Milošević in 2000. After the political change, he was involved in the drafting of the 2002 Broadcasting Act of Serbia, the first modern piece of legislation on broadcasting in Serbia, than the 2003 Media Act and the 2005 Advertising Act, the latter also being the first of its kind in Serbia. Miloš occasionally teaches courses in Media law at the Belgrade University Faculty of Law and elsewhere, and participates in various human rights courses as an expert for freedom of expression.

Slobodan Kremenjak heads the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications department at Živković Samardžić and is a long-standing legal adviser to several established Serbian and international telecoms operators, broadcast, print and on-line media and their associations. Slobodan served as a policy advisor to the Serbian government concerning harmonization of national legislation with the ECHR case-law, relevant CoE treaties and standard-setting instruments in the field of media and the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services and was a senior legal expert on the EU-funded Assistance to the Digital Broadcasting Switchover in Serbia (2011-2013) and Strengthening Media Freedom in Serbia (2014-2015) projects.

The International Encyclopaedia for Media Law, including the Serbia’s National Monograph authored by Miloš Živković and Slobodan Kremenjak, is available at: Kluwer Law Online.

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