Kruna Savović comments the ruling in favour of journalists for B92 and N1: The court showed utmost respect for the interest of public

by ZS Law

B92 and N1 published articles about the ruling rendered by the Supreme Court of Cassation of Serbia in favour of journalists Brankica Stanković and Veran Matić after 12 years of legal battle.

Kruna Savović, Živković Samardžić Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Partner and the Head of Media Litigation, who led the team representing journalists, commented the decision of the biggest court in Serbia: “The entire proceedings lasted longer than usual. However, in assessing the ruling, I believe it is important to point out that the court showed utmost respect for the interest of public to be informed, recognizing in the carefully formulated words of the journalist Brankica Stanković the compliance with the presumption of innocence of the person mentioned in said information”, said Kruna Savović. 

Articles, in Serbian, are available here:  and here:

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